Co-Creating Reality Series #4

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Co-Creating Reality Series #1

They say a “picture is worth a thousand words”, and enables you to invoke all your senses and an emotional response, thus a powerful tool in manifesting your heart’s true desires. I will be doing a series on where I’m focusing my intent through images and key words. This is my vision:



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May you find the magic in your soul!

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What does it take to reach your goals?


Well, first you need to have a vision. That might seem obvious, but for some people, that may be the hardest part. In the free oracle card reading for this week, I gave some suggestions on how to clarify your vision.

Many people enjoy creating a vision board. Here is an example:


I created this vision board 10 years ago. I’m still working on achieving all the aspects I included but I still feel like it speaks true of who I am today as I was 10 years ago. Obviously, you can re-create, change, or modify your vision board as often as you like. The categories in my vision board are: Relationships, Family, Emotions, Travel, Health, Finances, Education, and Career. Then I added words, images, and quotes that symbolized what I hoped to achieve in each of those categories in my life.

You can also write a letter to yourself, describing everything you want to achieve as if it already happened. Really imagine what it would feel like to have reached your goals and realized your dreams. Have fun with it. Then allow the Law of Attraction to work for you by holding onto those feelings so the Universe can deliver to you the energy you are putting out.

Once you have a clear vision of what you’d like to achieve, you can break it down into three easy steps:

DREAM: This is your ultimate destination. Maybe your dream for 2015 is to buy a house, go back to school, get a new job, start exercising, take a vacation, learn to be more positive, mend a broken relationship, or begin a new relationship. Whatever it is, create a vision that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Passion is what will keep you on coarse. Also, how will you know your dream has come true? Spending the first night in your new house? Digging your toes in the sand in Maui? Fluent in Italian? Write it down.

GOALS: Once you’ve clarified your dream, you set goals. Goals are the stepping stones on the path to achieving your dream. In order to buy a house, you need to have an idea of what kind of house you want, the location, your price range, pre-approval, find a realtor, etc.

OBJECTIVES: Next, break each goal down into concrete action steps with clear, measurable time tables. In order to find a realtor, maybe you talk with friends/family/co-workers/neighbors who have already purchased a home. Maybe you read reviews and research online. Or just flip through the phone book. Whatever the objectives are that will help you reach your goal, put a date that you’d like to accomplish each objective. Many people’s lives pass them by, always intending to pursue their dreams, but never actually accomplishing them. I get it. Life gets crazy. Life gets hectic. But by putting a timeline on your objectives, you can make it a priority to include each little step into your daily, weekly, or monthly “to-do” list.

Clarifying your vision and reaching your goals can seem overwhelming. But I hope that by breaking your goals down into simple steps with a deadline for accomplishing those objectives, you’ll find achieving your dreams to be much more manageable and realistic. If your dream is a destination on your journey, then your goals are the road map, and the objectives are your driving directions.


Lastly, the most important step is GRATITUDE. Be thankful for what you already have and be grateful for what the Universe is sending you. If you can’t enjoy the gifts you already have, how will having more change anything? Remember, the Universe sends back what you put out, so if your heart is full of gratitude, you will receive more things to be grateful for. Surround yourself with happy, positive, supportive people.


I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, questions, or what your plans are for 2015!

Have a Safe, Healthy, & Prosperous New Year!

Brightest Blessings
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Oracle card reading for the week of December 21-27, 2014

(from The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene cards created by Sharon Hooper)

(from The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene cards created by Sharon Hooper)

Mary’s announcement was that it is possible to find God within. The image portrays a woman who is deserted and alone, yet she is aware that Jesus’ ascended body has left her with a radiant internal presence.

Are you wanting to seek your own inner vision? Perhaps this card is calling you to look inward for direction or a specific answer that is eluding you. During your lifetime, there may be periods of time where you experience inadequateness or emptiness, or questioning the meaning of life.

When you behold the love of your own God, or the superior consciousness within you, you will never be alone. When you forget how loved you are, it is easy to feel discouraged, temporarily deserted, perhaps not even feeling close to God. But this state can also offer you closeness to God-where you can seek an advanced source of spiritual guidance.

The author suggests going on your own vision quest. Embracing your own emptiness is a courageous act of faith and can result in powerful decisions and affirmations. Though an entire day is ideal, for a few hours or more, all you need is your journal to capture your thoughts. Ask yourself one or two vital questions and repeat them in your mind before going into quiet meditation. The objective is to stay in silence (no television, telephone, computer, or other worldly distractions). Let the stillness open places in your heart and mind for you to receive answers from your own elevated awareness.

Maybe you’re being called to gain clarification, set goals, or do a vision board for 2015. This is a hectic time of year, but take some time out to go within and find insight into your life at the moment and set your intentions for the new year.

Remember that all the experiences that have led you to this point have been necessary and your Higher Power is waiting to transport you on your journey.

Happy Winter Solstice! Have a blessed week! Love & Light
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