Chakra Meditation

Most people struggle with the idea of meditation, how to do it, or how to know if they’re successful at it. I start by creating a sacred space–to clear negative energy and invite divine white light to surround me. My favorite tools are crystals, incense, candles, sage, relaxing music, tingshaws, or the Chinese gong. Or you can simply put your phone on silent, turn off the lights, and close the door to outside distractions. You can meditate in the cross-legged yoga position, sitting in a chair, lying in bed, or on a blanket at the park, under a tree, or near water. Wherever or however you feel calm and peaceful.

After I’ve focused on my breathing, relaxed my body, and quieted my mind, my meditations consist of me either praying and listening for the answers, just being open to whatever messages Spirit has for me, creative visualization, or Shadow/Inner Child healing work if painful issues are arising. This blog is focused on my Chakra balancing meditation.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for vortex, or spinning circle or wheel. There are so many tools and resources available to assist in the clearing and balancing of chakras; some simple, others, more in-depth. I invite you to explore my personal inner journey of chakra healing with me. I would like to provide a basic understanding of the Chakra system that you can use in your meditation to heal the subtle energy centers where your soul resides and which overlays your physical body. I give examples of the images and affirmations I use but I encourage you to explore whatever images, thoughts, and feelings arise for you. Your images and affirmations may be different than mine and that’s perfectly okay.


color: red

element: earth

location: base of spine, coccygeal plexus, perineum


I begin by visualizing red light spinning clockwise around my feet, up to the base of my spine. I imagine a willow tree, firmly rooted in the earth, able to move with life’s storms without being broken or blown away. It provides shade and comfort, for the root chakra relates to home and family life. The willow tree is surrounded by red rock, resembling the landscape in which I live. This is also where the ancient serpent, Kundalini, lies coiled.

I repeat the affirmation of this chakra:




As this chakra also relates to survival, finances, and trust, ask yourself how your early childhood built a healthy foundation to prepare you for success in life. Were you taught that there is abundance or lack? Were your needs always met and were you always provided for? Were you taught to be resourceful? How do your relationships, material comfort, and your ability to care for yourself reflect those early beginnings? Does fear affect your ability to manifest your full potential, or do you struggle with the right to be here and the right to have? Fear of failure, fear of being hurt, feelings of unworthiness or being undeserving…. Use this opportunity to parent your inner child. Continue to visualize red light spinning around this center. When you feel you have spent enough time on the root chakra, move on….


color: orange

element: water

location: sacral area, genitals, hips, low back


Photo Copyright: Mark Adamus

Now I visualize orange light spinning around the area of my lower back. I imagine a waterfall, surrounded by red rock which now has an orange hue from the light of the sun above.

As this chakra relates to emotions, I repeat the affirmations:










How have your life experiences affirmed your right to feel? As a child, were you allowed to express your emotions, or were you punished and made to feel guilty? What feelings do you carry toward sexuality and self-gratification? Pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, and images that arise. Continue to visualize orange light spinning around this energy center and move on when you are ready….


color: yellow

element: fire

location: solar plexus


Visualize yellow light spinning around your belly. I imagine a bright, bold, shining sun.

I repeat the affirmations:


personal power



Notice your ability to take action. Do you have the self-esteem and self-confidence to make bold moves? Or do you procrastinate, feel tired and sluggish, or hold onto a lot of shame? Be aware of whatever arises while continuing to focus on the yellow light circling your abdomen. Move on when you are ready….


color: green

element: air

location: chest


Here, in the middle of the chakra system, we hold the energy for love and relationship. I visualize a brilliant emerald heart beating, surrounded by aquamarine jewels as they reflect the blue light from the above chakra.

I repeat the affirmations:











breath of life


As you visualize green light swirling around your heart, lungs, upper back, shoulders, arms, and hands, gently observe without judgment whatever may arise. Do you love and accept yourself? For that is the pre-requisite for healthy and whole relationships. Do you feel you have the right to love and be loved? Do you hold onto a lot of grief? This chakra, the chakra of love, sadly, is the chakra most people experience the most imbalance as they have built up so many walls and armor to protect themselves, and where they experience the sadness of a broken heart. Work with this chakra, imagining the green light circling. You can also add pink light to this chakra if you require extra love. Move on when it’s time….


color: blue

element: sound

location: throat

I visualize blue light spinning around my throat and back of neck. Although the seed sound, OM, is for the next chakra, it holds significance and resonates with me for the throat chakra. I imagine the OM symbol, bright blue. OM is the sound of silence, the sound of the Universe, the beautiful void of all sound. OM.

I repeat the following affirmations:

speak my truth with love


Do you realize that what you have to share with the world is valuable? That you have the right to speak and be heard? What issues may you have with communication and expressing your creativity? Gently notice these feelings without judgment and continue with the blue light….


color: indigo

element: sight

location: brow


Now move on to imagine indigo-colored light swirling around your eyes. My symbol for the third eye chakra is the Eye of Horus within a pyramid.

Repeat the affirmations:




higher self

During adolescence, as you became more independent from your parents, did you learn to trust your intuition? Were you given the freedom to use your imagination and create your own identity? Continue to see the indigo light until it’s spinning effortlessly….


color: violet or white

element: thought

location: crown of head, cerebral cortex


Photo Credit: Colleen Koziara

Balance this chakra by visualizing violet light swirling at the top of your head. Here I imagine the intertwined Kundalini serpent, one violet, one gold, along my spine, and at the top of my head, is a amethyst and diamond jeweled crown. It represents my divinity.

Repeated affirmations:









higher self


This chakra, the thousand petal lotus, can take lifetimes to fully develop. Self and spiritual knowledge is a life-long quest. Watch for pitfalls of attachment and ignorance.

When you feel your crown chakra spinning in balance, finish the meditation by grounding and bathing yourself in white and golden light. I recoil the Kundalini back down through my chakras where she rests again at the base of my spine.

Below are some YouTube links that contain powerful healing frequencies to listen to during your meditation or when you sleep at night.

Share your thoughts on this article or your tips on how you clear and balance your chakras! I’d love to hear from you!

~Brightest Blessings~

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Finding Balance

I finally had a chance to do my 2015 Reading. The cards said my most important lesson for 2015 is Balance. Synchronicity! That was going to be the topic for this week’s blog! The ascended master pulled for this week’s oracle card reading was Lady Nada. She helps balance and harmonize the masculine and feminine energies within you. What exactly does that mean?

We know what it means to be out of balance: giving too much while not being open to receiving; too much work, too little play; analytical mind while being out of touch with your intuition/feelings; over-spending, not enough saving; not giving yourself permission to take care of yourself, socialization vs. alone time, etc. It can be easy for our lives to fall out of balance with chaotic schedules and demands for your time and energy. Our planet is extremely out of balance from the destruction and abuse of our Earth’s resources for the sake of industry and consumption.

In Chinese philosophy, the yin-yang is a symbol of balance. Yin is characterized by the feminine energies–the moon, dark, cold, being, receiver, nurturer, intuitive. Yang represents the masculine energies–the sun, light, warmth, activity, giver, protector, analytical. Yin-yang is the fusion of two cosmic forces, each containing a “seed” of each other. The belief is that two apparently opposing forces work together to make up the whole. Seeming polarities are complementary, inter-connected, and inter-dependent in the natural world. You cannot have light without the shadow.

The Shiva Lingam in Hindu culture represent the cosmic egg–full of creative potential, from the union of the masculine and feminine energies.

The Caduceus, from Greek mythology, has been adopted to symbolize health or the medical profession. In actuality, the double snakes represent duality and the unification of polar opposites. The snakes represent balance and harmony. The staff, rod, or wand acts as a conduit between the body and mind, physical and spiritual, heaven and earth, the mundane world and the ethereal. The wings are symbolic of ascension, messages from the divine, or a connection to a higher power. The Caduceus is a powerful alchemical symbol of unification of opposites, balance, and transformation. Its reflection is seen in Kundalini, the sleeping serpent of cosmic life force that awakens and ascends up the spine, awakening the chakras, and ultimately, finding union with the Divine. It also echos the double helix of DNA, the building blocks of life, where each strand holds information from the whole.

That’s what balance means: to be whole. Finding balance is the key to your Higher Self.

How can one achieve balance? Quiet reflection and appropriate action steps would be a good start. I think the chakra system is such a complete representation of the self, and I’ve been doing meditations to balance my chakras. It’s a profound tool for finding areas of your life that are out of balance or blocked, and working to restore wholeness for optimum performance and health. I will write about my experience with kundalini, and the guided chakra meditation experience once I’ve completed. It involves the opportunity for artistic expression. As well, Tarot is a helpful and beneficial tool that can provide insight into how to bring your life into greater harmony and balance.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What areas do you want to bring back into balance and how do you plan to do that? What does balance mean to you?

~Blessed Be~
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