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Rebecca, Zion, & Arabella Fall 2011

Rebecca, Zion, & Arabella
Fall 2011

Do you have questions and are seeking guidance in your life? Are you struggling, feel stuck, or are having difficulty making a decision?

Hi, my name is Rebecca Washington. I am a single mother of two children on disability from fibromyalgia and PTSD. I owned a healing center in Wisconsin before moving to beautiful Utah. I have been on the spiritual path for almost 20 years, practicing tarot for many years, and have always had an intuitive gift. I’ve had two near-death experiences which I believe opened me up to communicate with the other side and made me sensitive to energy. I never imagined I would do tarot card readings as a business but after reading for family and friends, they encouraged me to offer my services to others because of the accuracy and intuitive depth. I really enjoy working with the cards and helping people find clarity and direction in their lives!

I call upon Divine White Light, your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides to receive a message for your highest and greatest good, and to address the concerns on your heart in Truth and Love. A full tarot card reading takes me about 3 hours to complete.


$10= 1 card reading (general answer to your situation)

$20=3 card reading (past, present, future)

$60=10 card reading (Celtic Cross spread where each placement describes a particular area of life where a certain influence and inner and outer situation are occurring)

I am currently offering readings through email. I feel there is more depth with the written word and it gives you the opportunity to refer back to the points covered as often as needed. Please contact me at rebecca.heavenonearth@gmail.com with any questions or to let me know that you are ready to receive a message from the Universe! Thank you!

Stay tuned to know more about me through future blogs, additional products & services, inspiration, weekly oracle card readings, and the opportunity to win free readings!

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