Solace in a Trump Presidency 

Wow. It’s really wild out there, isn’t it? Two weeks since the inauguration and we’re feeling stressed, angry, fearful, drained, and a little bit crazy.

I’ve been wanting to address the current Energy for awhile now. Here is what I wrote right after the election,

“It’s been two weeks since Election Day. I spent the first week in deep grief and mourning, followed by a week of prayer and meditation. I wanted to respond to my election forecast. I still stand behind the cards I pulled 100%. As we know, well-respected astrologers and psychics, pollsters, the media, and much of the public predicted a Clinton victory. So what happened? For one, I think the influence of the Saturn transit produced a fog surrounding the outcome. I sense we are embarking on a wild and unpredictable ride. To bring in quantum physics, many possible and potential realities exist and are collapsing and solidifying all around us, based on our vibration. When I read the cards, I always ask for the ‘highest and greatest good’. Tarot will always tell you the most likely outcome based on where you’re currently heading. That’s the beauty and power of a reading–based on the insight gained, you can change your direction if you don’t like where you’re heading.

So in response to my election forecast, we see that Hillary did in fact win the election by two million popular votes. However, the campaign launched against her based on falsehood undermined her calling. It seems as if a lot of people don’t understand how politics work. Extremely tough choices must be made when serving the country and the world, and political opponents do not hesitate in an election year to twist the facts of such decisions, serving up a platter of intentional disinformation and ill-informed misinformation, as certain matters really are classified and a matter of national security. The people have spoken; they are fed up with corruption and exploitation. Now collectively we find ourselves embarking on a new spiritual journey. There is a battle to protect the citizens of this nation. And I’m still looking forward to the identity of the ‘Knight of Vessels’ being revealed.

When I did a reading in response to the election results, it was clear Spirit thinks I should be ‘focusing on myself’. Maybe that’s a call for all of us to take personal responsibility. I continue to meditate on the cards pulled in my Forecast because I think they hold great significance.”

I still stand by my Forecast for the US Presidential Election. Ultimately, Hillary won the popular vote, however, fake news and interference from Russia harmed Hillary’s credibility. I interpreted the Queen of Vessels Reversed under Trump as the election pointing in Hillary’s favor. It obviously also implied her defeat. We still have yet to see who the Knight of Vessels is who will unite this country.

Spirit has been whispering to me since the night of the election. I had my own shadows to face and am just as guilty of being distracted by the drama. But for my own sanity, I really have to shut out all that noise. It’s time to turn to Spirit. Stop the energy leaks and build my reserves.

I have been calling for a revolution since MySpace days, when the corruption within the government hit my life and conscience like a tsunami. I was ignored by all. After all, people were more or less comfortable with their lives. Even if they weren’t, the sense of powerlessness only allowed for people to complain without taking action. The complacency in this country became a decades long epidemic. The life of Kim Kardashian was more important than facing our collective issues.

We needed someone to wake us from our collective slumber. That person was Donald Trump. After we were jolted awake, we were left staring at the epitome, the complete manifestation, of everything that is wrong with our country. We’re still trying to figure out if this is a nightmare or the reality we created. And we’re trying to find our footing, how to respond, where we go from here, and what our purpose is. Hate it or love it, the revolution is here. There’s no going back. Action will be required. Lessons will be learned. Growth is inevitable. Evolution is imminent.

Upon reflection, while there would have been progress under a Clinton administration, the status quo wouldn’t have changed. And while we don’t know how a woman in the White House may have changed things, I was worried prior to the election about all the people who were armed and ready for a violent civil war had she won. Trump admitted he wouldn’t concede the election. These same people are advocating the killing of anyone who opposes Trump and the removal and separation of the opposition from society by law enforcement. Scary times, indeed.

I think it is important to keep some perspective on the actual percentage of the population that supports Trump’s hatred, sexism, and bigotry. Over 90 million eligible voters (40%) didn’t vote–many probably due to voter suppression, in which case more votes would have been cast for Hillary. But that’s still a large chunk of our population that did not come out to support him. With less than half of voters electing Trump, that leaves less than one-third of eligible voters Trump supporters. And an even smaller minority identify with his hateful rhetoric, as there were many other reasons people chose to go with Trump. It was a hard election for everyone, and many cast their vote for Trump (even at the last minute) with disgust. Party loyalty, abortion, fiscal-over-morals, dislike for Hillary, and a desire to end the corruption in Washington were other reasons for electing a Demagogue.

The majority of the population is having a difficult time reconciling how someone with such huge character flaws and gross ineptitude was chosen for the highest office in the world. I think it’s important to recognize that this revolution was started because the portion of the population who voted for Trump feels disenfranchised. It was an awakening that resulted from the Great Recession. When you really consider their issues, and the plight of the working middle class, I think we can find compassion and understanding, and begin to realize we actually share common ground.

But no, I don’t believe Trump intends to change that. I don’t trust his motivations and intentions of breaking down the establishment. I think Trump did what Trump does best, which is recognize weaknesses that can become opportunities  that serve Trump’s interests, and he seizes those opportunities in a dishonest and fraudulent manner.

The truth is, we’ve been living under a fascist oligarchy for a long time now, run by the one percent ruling elite. We’re fighting an invisible enemy, made up of players in Wall St., banking cartels, big oil and corporations, military industrial complex, and special interest. They’ve succeeded in dividing us, rendering us powerless to stand up against them, for now. They have deceived us into believing there is lack in the world, scapegoating the blame onto the poor and immigrants, when they are the ones hoarding all the wealth.

I took an extremely insightful class in college called “The Age of Anxiety: 1945-Present”. We created terrorism by flexing our Superpower muscles around the world, strong arming countries to accept our ideals under the guise of defending democracy, when in reality they were hostile takeovers with nefarious purposes. Religious persecution, human, drug, and weapons trafficking, and slave trade are just the cost of doing business.

We are not going back to the 1950’s. Industry has changed with technological advances. Gross consumerism never really fed the soul anyway. It’s an evolve-or-die kinda thing.

So where’s the solace in all of this, you might ask? Well, as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, my most powerful spiritual lesson, the one that brought me the most freedom, was that in order to heal, you MUST face your shadows with non-judgment and love. Hiding them in shame like a child might do, does not bring spiritual growth.

Fear, on so many levels, is the collective shadow our global family must now face. The dichotomy of light and dark, the battle of good vs evil, love-based vs fear-based thinking is where we struggle to find peace. Who will win and what will happen?, we obsess. Observing conversations about the cause and effect of the recent drastic rise in the Schumann Resonance, we wonder if human thought and behavior is the cause and to what end, positive or negative, or is it the other way around? More specifically, no one knows if humans are awakening and causing the Earth’s vibration to rise in a positive manner, or if the chaos and unrest on the planet is negatively affecting the vibration. Or is the Earth ascending, triggering a global awakening? Perhaps the cause of this strange phenomenon  is the destruction of the Earth, which will have a negative impact on life. Another scenario is the manipulation of the electromagnetic field by HAARP and CERN is an attempt to control the masses, since it’s known that the brain and Earth’s electromagnetic field are connected. These higher vibrations are known to disrupt sleep, cause headaches, anxiety, dizziness, and increased heart rate. And though it may seem like a negative thing, those who have been undergoing the ascension process for awhile know the havoc that is wreaked on the human body as we adjust to higher frequencies. We don’t have answers for now, but we know something monumental is happening on Planet Earth.

When I check in with Spirit on this issue, I’m told that all of it is part of the whole. The middle path is the road back to Source. Not a God “out there” but the Spirit that resides in the inner most chamber of our hearts.

The future is in our hands. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”. We create reality based on our vibration. That’s why I think we all have a responsibility right now to be very careful about the energy we are putting out there. Take time for self-care. To heal aspects of ourselves that are based in fear and plant seeds of love everywhere you go. To envision the type of world we would like to live in and take a stand, in unity. Reach across the great divide and take your neighbor’s hand. 

Only love can conquer fear. Let us love one another.


2016 US Presidential Election Forecast

Throughout the campaigns, I have been an observer, quietly watching events unfold. More recently, I have become a Seeker of Truth amidst wild accusations, and began calling out fallacies. I’ve done my best to remain unbiased and to consider different viewpoints.

I was curious what the cards had to say about Trump, Hillary, the influence of 3rd Party/Write-in candidates on this election, and the outcome. I called upon the Beings of Light; invited, welcomed, and thanked them for their presence within the sacred space I had created. I wanted their insight into the elections, for our highest and greatest good, in truth, love, and light, and this is what they had to say:

Trump:  Queen of Vessels  ◇ Salmon (REVERSED)

This card tells me it’s obvious Trump will lose to Hillary. Queen cards point to female figures — in this case, “characterized by the ability to swim upstream to its birthplace. It is an exhausting journey that represents self-sacrifice and wisdom, addressing the most difficult of problems with grace and civility.” Considering the card came up reversed, I see it reflecting Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. I believe we’ve seen this coming for decades and it’s her time. It was written in the stars.


Some people support Trump because they hate Hillary. Others continue to support him because of the abortion issue, or LGBT issues. Some always vote for the Rupublican candidate, no matter what. Many are impassioned by his “Make America Great Again” message, presumably to restore jobs to the middle class. A few of his supporters embrace the hateful and bigoted rhetoric. While many of his supporters believe his message that he can’t be bought and is ready to expose the corruption in Washington and Wall Street. People are demanding change. When I asked about Trump’s sincerity in that claim and ability to bring about that change, I received this message and about fell out of my chair. I will quote directly:

Two of Arrows ◇ Injustice 

“The scales of natural justice have been skewed by false judgement, ignorance or arrogance. Sitting in judgement with unbalanced scales to an untrue premise, however ardently or sincerely, will not prevail. The bow is broken and useless through prejudice and misuse.

“False conclusions and unjust decisions based on  disinformation, motivated by fear, greed and prejudice, can cause innumerable problems. Either mistakenly or deliberately distributed to pervert the course of natural justice and the revelation of the facts by those who fear the truth and wish to manipulate the situation for personal control or gain, this propaganda will not survive honest, wise and impartial scrutiny. In many worldly situations, the truth becomes hijacked and twisted to become a false message, designed to confuse and instill fear in those seeking clear insight. The wise Seeker questions and tests false messages and determines the validity of a harmful accusation. Perversions of the truth will always bring frustration and bitterness to the individual or group that deploys such dishonorable tactics. The perpetrator of lies and falsehoods will always be judged as an unreliable source, bent on mischief and destructive interference. For the victim of Injustice,the best defense of the truth is always more truth.”

Hillary:  Seven of Arrows ◇ Insecurity

This card portrays the Mother with her “arms raised in blessing but arrows pierce her flesh and fly towards her. Ungrounded fears and confusion lead to instability and panic. We may not be able to change the past but we can learn to evolve strategies from the lessons of life and apply them to future scenarios. The process involves forgiveness for past failures. Understanding and acknowledging motivations behind past mistakes stimulates the process of establishing a secure foundation from which new beginnings can arise.”


When I asked if Hillary is as corrupt as people say, or if the decades spent smearing her name was because those who are corrupt do not want her in the White House, this was the message I received:

Four of Stones ◇ Protection

This card brings “hope and renewed vitality to the vulnerable. Shelter and protection for the weak is the responsibility of us all”. This is a card about “weathering adversity by building on a foundation of ethical beliefs, boundaries and skills. We can be assured that when the test comes, we are secure in our self knowledge and confidence. The human ability to recognize and feel compassion for those who need help is just as important.” I would say that Hillary’s promise to be an advocate for women and children is correct.

3rd Party/Write-in Candidates:  Six of Stones ◇ Exploitation 

It is obvious why people are turning to candidates outside of the two party system. People are tired of the exploitation and corruption from government and corporations. Human beings’ selfish and foolish overuse of non-sustainable planetary resources because we feel the right to do so is to our own detriment. People are beginning to wake up. Young voters are seeing how current policy affects our lives.

“The human race still struggles to deal with unresolved issues of how to feed the billions of new human beings born every year. How will we resource the Education, Health and Social Service requirements of entire generations to come seems like a question too painful even to think about. With World Financial systems and safeguards breaking down and faith in any government’s ability to tell the truth and act with integrity severely damaged, our social moral codes and once-familiar cultural ‘norms’ appear under enormous strain.”



Portrays the position to bring forth real change for the benefit of everyone, requiring dedication, patience, and commitment. Remember, we are at the end of a 9 year energy decade. We are wrapping up what began in 2008, when the financial system crashed and corruption and exploitation was exposed. We are on the brink of a new energy decade, beginning in January 2017, when our new President is scheduled to be inaugurated.

Summary/Outcome: Page of Stones ◇ Lynx

The Lynx is at the top of the food chain and a fierce protector of its young. Points to consider with this card is careful consideration over lack of forethought. To be aware of the effects generated by everything you do. Its values are study, school, and apprenticeship, something we obviously need to stop taking for granted and improve upon in this country. We need to guard this country’s future by rejecting falsehood.


Knight of Vessels ◇ Eel

Interesting card — The Knight of Vessels in the same court as the Queen of Vessels, which we already established is HRC. Who may this Knight be? The Eel swims through water amongst the weeds, representing vision, agreement, coming together, union, and a welcoming. I can’t help but wonder (and hope!) that the Democrats will take back the Senate and Bernie Sanders will become the Majority Leader.

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Just a reminder, if you value the Constitution, that I have the same right to practice my beliefs without persecution, the same as everyone else. 

It doesn’t take a psychic to interpret the scenario in which we find ourselves.
VOTE NOV. 8TH!!!!!

 Reading done using THE WILDWOOD TAROT