Living With a Debilitating Disorder

Fibromyalgia is a wide spread chronic pain disorder that also causes fatigue and many other symptoms. For more information, click on fibromyalgia symptoms. It’s also considered an ‘Invisible Illness’ meaning there are no outward signs that someone is sick, and thus, look fine and capable. I didn’t ask for this disease, nor did I want it.


Wasted Dreams

To be honest, I judged those with fibromyalgia before I fully understood it, unfortunately, through personal experience. Even though I had friends with it, I couldn’t help but wonder if, at times, they were hypochondriacs; whiny, lazy, and using their diagnosis an excuse. Now I’m on disability, only able to work PT. As a former perfectionist and over-achiever, I hate that I have to endure the judgments and accusations about not being a “productive member of society”, questioning my own value and worth. A good reminder that we ultimately end up being judged the way in which we judge others.


What’s even more annoying are the well-intentioned people who think they have the answer. I believe my condition was brought on by multiple traumatic events. At one point, I was able to work full time when I could afford five hundred to one thousand dollars a month on healing treatments. Now I do what I can: eat the best that I can (there’s always room for improvement and financial barriers, as well), walk, hike, yoga, aerobic exercise when able, meditation, Epsom salt baths, essential oils, TENS unit, medication management, and massage and acupuncture when I have some extra cash. It’s about learning to cope and manage your stress.

I have my good days and bad days, just like anyone else. I feel like the good outweigh the bad but the bad days can be a nightmare if you take into consideration what I consider to be a good day.


Beautiful View

A “good day” is when I’m able to maintain my positivity, spiritual connection, and inner peace despite my pain level being at a 7. I smile despite feeling like I have the flu but I can accomplish my daily goals, responsibilities, and function like most SAHM’s. I push myself even though it feels like I’m going to collapse. When it starts to feel like I’m being beaten with a baseball bat and nauseous from the pain and fatigue, I rest, and find relief to continue on. I’m a good mother; patient, involved, and attentive to my children.


Fallen Angel

My “bad days” are when my pain level is at a 10. It feels like I’m being tortured; like my spine is shattering into a million pieces, my sacrum is being busted by a jack hammer, an ax is going through my shins, and the pain throughout my entire body is so overwhelming; stuck at the surface like I’m going to explode and felt so deeply I cannot move. I hold back the tears yet inevitably, I can’t hold back my emotions. Feelings of confusion, anger, powerlessness, shame, fear, and despair. I wonder if I’m cursed. I don’t want to lay in bed anymore, suffering. I have a million other things I’d rather and should be doing. My kids deserve the attention I’m unable to give at the moment. I am so tense that the energy is blocked and I can’t release the pain. I can’t relax enough to relieve the fatigue.


Crying Angel

No matter how much I pray, fight it, or try to will it away, its agonizing horror greets me each morning. Its grip holds tight throughout the night. It sounds so crazy that I don’t even understand it. I’m angry that this pain gets in the way of living life on my terms. I don’t want to surrender to the reality of my limitations. I feel guilty that my kids are affected by my pain. I fear that it will never go away, that I won’t be able to support my children on my own, or that I won’t be able to fulfill my purpose here on Earth. I begin to feel hopeless.

Beautiful Angel

Beautiful Angel

Like I said, thankfully, the good days outweigh the bad. Most days I’m able to accept my suffering. But that doesn’t keep me from wishing or hoping that one day there will be a cure or that I’ll have the financial means to seek the healing that can improve the quality of my life.

I don’t write this for pity, attention, or sympathy. Honestly, I keep this truth about me pretty well hidden, like a shameful dark secret. This is my attempt at being authentic and vulnerable to give a voice to my wholeness; my dark and my light. It’s an attempt to raise awareness and support other sufferers of this illness.



I’ve heard Source tell me repeatedly, “Your pain is your power.” I’m not quite sure I believe that or understand yet, but I have to wonder if love could be the key to my healing? Maybe I’m just a dreamer. I long to be showered with love and affection, finding refuge in the safe, strong arms of a man, a quality of tenderness and care that may bring me back to homeostasis. Whose touch, embrace, and Soul may be a healing balm able to penetrate the deepest layers of my Being.


Angel of Hope

I’ve done my work. Thirteen long years of facing my demons alone and shining Light in the dark, paving a pathway to healing. Yes, on my bad days I question everything. I doubt and grow impatient. Yet I continue to stand in my power and never give up. I know my heart is pure and I know what I deserve. I have to believe that the answers I seek are on their way. I’ve witnessed too many miracles to believe otherwise.

Never Lose Faith,


Perfect Love

My daughter and I cuddle up every night and watch “Charmed” on Netflix. In S2:E10 – Heartbreak City – Drazi, the demon of hate, attempts to destroy love. Phoebe, played by Alyssa Milano, assists Cupid to vanquish Drazi, and along the way, learns some valuable lessons from Cupid.

Phoebe was having bad luck in the romance department. Cupid told her it was because her heart was closed, which irritated her and she vehemently denied. He pointed out to her that her fear of losing those she loves has caused her to close her heart to love in order to keep her safe, which in turn, prevented her from attracting love.

Deeper yet, Cupid taught her that the message and the Messenger are separate. People can come and go in and out of our lives, sharing love with us. What’s not important is if they’re intended to stay. What is important, is that we open our hearts to receive those messages of love. People are not perfect. We fail. We make mistakes. We cannot become attached to the Messenger. Just as fear cannot exist in love. Perfect love casts away all fear.

I was surprised that this show had such a profound effect the following day during my meditation that it helped clear some major blockages in my own life that I had failed to see.

I’ve been single for 13 years, and like Phoebe, thought I just hadn’t found the ‘right one’ yet. How many of us, who claim to be open and ready for a relationship, if you took an honest look, still harbor feelings of fear around love? None of us want our hearts broken again. We want to avoid the gut – wrenching pain of betrayal or the sting of rejection. So we wear masks and build up walls.

Maybe even your reason for wanting to find a relationship is fear based: i.e., fear of being alone, fear of failure, financial fears, etc. As a result, you come across as insecure and desperate.

It’s not healthy to be blind to or deny those hidden truths within us. It’s okay to be authentic and vulnerable. That’s when our wounds are given the opportunity to be exposed to the light, to love, and to heal. Admit to yourself what is holding you back from attracting what you really desire.

Because the ‘Independent, I don’t need anyone, sex with no strings attached’ attitude is so last decade. It’s a false sense of ego and it’s time to vanquish those demons – anything that stands in the way of expressing your Divine nature, which is Love.


Yes, there are times when being alone is a necessary and sacred part of your journey. For this kind of love can only happen when we love our imperfect selves, perfectly. Yet, the time has come to unite and harmonize the Masculine and Feminine in Truth and Power and Love.

To me, perfect love is the pure intention of sharing the gift of love with another, the desire to touch another’s soul so deeply, that even in your absence, they are never the same again.


Perfect love is kindness, gentleness, and respect.

It is service to another with the hope of easing their burdens.

Perfect love is someone wanting to stay up all night, exploring and excavating the unearthed recesses of your mind.

It is someone who accepts all of you just the way you are.

Someone whose gaze reaches the core of your Being.

Soft kisses on fingertips.

Whose smile lights up your life and makes all your problems disappear.

Someone who wishes to share in your happiness and joy, as well as your sorrows and pain, and everything in between.

Whose scent makes you feel safe and calm and warm.

Passion that can create a whole other Universe.

Perfect love is star gazing together and dancing under the magic of the moonlight.

Small gifts to know you are cherished and sweet texts to know you’re on their mind.

It is the person who takes a seat next to you on this crazy ride called life, buckles ups and holds your hand through the ups and downs, white knuckles, hair blowing, screaming and laughing, exhilarated from sharing this adventure with you.

Whose touch awakens your senses and sets your soul on fire.

An embrace that melts all physical boundaries, where all that remains is your True essence – LOVE.


Love Always,

Co-Creating Reality Series #2

Heaven on Earth

My Vision of Paradise through Christ Consciousness

image#zen #meditation #garden #pathway #stone #statue #buddha #water #flora

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Surprising-Swimming-Pool-With-Waterfall-Ideas-in-Pool-Contemporary-design-ideas-with-backyard-pool-waterfalls-backyard-swimming-pool-waterfallsUmmm….yes, please!!!

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#re-open #Pah Tempe Hot Springs #LaVerkin #UT #accessibletoall







Co-Creating Reality Series #1

They say a “picture is worth a thousand words”, and enables you to invoke all your senses and an emotional response, thus a powerful tool in manifesting your heart’s true desires. I will be doing a series on where I’m focusing my intent through images and key words. This is my vision:



#twinflame #soulmate #truelove #lifepartner #yinyang #sacredmarriage #tantra #sexmagick #alchemy #divineunion #bliss #ecstacy

May you find the magic in your soul!

Brightest Blessings,

Remembering Your Divine Essence


Last night I was working on an oracle card reading for myself. In my journey toward finding real love and finding the next step in my journey, I must remove the final walls and barriers I have built to protect myself and present the real me to the world instead of putting on the masks which were once helpful. I must have complete faith and trust in God to provide for me, symbolized by the Dove. I let go of feelings of guilt, did some past life healing, and drifted off to sleep.


The symbolism in the dream I had is so powerful (and personal) I wanted to share. I had a new baby in addition to the two beautiful children I have now. However, I stuck her in the cage with the kids’ guinea pigs and forgot about her. I would check on her and the pigs occasionally and feel bad for neglecting her. I’d hold her and feed her some and put her back in the cage.


I began to notice that the cage was freezing up with ice and the pigs could no longer be fed. I continued to be destracted in the care of my baby.

One day the pigs were dead. It was awful. I blamed my kids and others for not taking care of them. I mused about why it was so easy for me to leave my baby in there and forget about her. I talked about what an easy pregnancy she was and how she never cried for food and nurturing so I failed to notice her need. I felt deeply sad and ashamed.


It was time. It was time to free her from the cage and be her mother. To feed her consistently, hold her warmly, and love her always. I cried as I fully embraced this beautiful child of mine. She was so sweet, so calm, so patient with me. Vibrating pure love.

All day long, I have been thinking about that precious baby and how healing it was to finally SEE her. To spend time with her.


Of course that darling angel was me. I share this dream in hopes that through meditation and prayer, you as well can find and connect with your inner child, your source of innocence, your Divine nature, and make peace with her. We are all darling angels in God’s eyes!

Sweet dreams and take care of yourself!


THE BEAR AND BOUNDARIES: Week of June 12-18, 2015



I chuckled when I drew this card for you guys today and nodded with confirmation. I’ve been simultaneously working on three blogs while also intending on doing an oracle card reading from my new deck for this week. I published the blog on my daughter’s baptism yesterday and was going to publish my blog ‘Healthy Boundaries, Healthy You’, later this week. In light of the ‘Boundaries’ oracle card pulled, why don’t we just condense the two? Apparently, boundaries are a hot topic right now.

A few weeks ago, I ended up in the ER with excruciating leg pain. I feared I had a blood clot as I could not remember injuring it. I could no longer walk on my left leg. After tests and x-rays, nothing was found and the doctors didn’t know what was causing my pain. This wasn’t my first go-around with mysterious symptoms that stumped the doctors. I mean, Spirit had been telling me for a few weeks already to set some boundaries and take time for self-care, guidance I continued to put off for “another day”. I was severely burning myself out and it wasn’t pretty. So for a week I was forced to spend a lot of time in bed where I received hours and hours and hours of messages from Spirit. I got rest and reflected on my life. Then my ankle miraculously healed and I could walk again! I know better. But how many of us know we need to set boundaries and tend to ourselves in order to be healthy, and yet, have trouble acting on it? Why do we do that? Hopefully, I’ll shed some light for ya here.

I realized many people, myself included, have a hard time being responsible for themselves. That’s what it really comes down to. Wait. What? But I’m like über-responsible. Let me try to explain….

Personal Responsibility
All we can control in our lives is ourselves…our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our beliefs and perceptions, and our actions. Yet how many of us take on the responsibility of others in an effort to avoid looking at yourself, or in an attempt to control your environment? Maybe you blame others for your own unhappiness, feel resentful or unappreciated, or avoid responsibility all together and expect others to be responsible for you. Some of this behavior may border on enabling but it can be anything from feeling responsible for other people’s feelings, i.e. ‘My partner is unhappy. It must be because of me. I need to make him/her not unhappy.’ You may feel the need to judge or change someone’s choices or opinions. You may take what they say personally.

Guess what? It’s not all about you. Boundaries. Every single person has the autonomous right to be however they want to be. Everyone is walking their own journey, responsible for themselves, and it’s not our business to interfere. Sure, there may be consequences. Again, not your responsibility, as painful as it can be to watch. Allow others to make their own mistakes, their own failures, their own victories, and learn their own lessons.

It’s hard but as soon as you realize and accept that everyone is walking their own journey and the only person you are responsible for is you, you’ll begin to be able to let go and find peace. Rather than feeling like you have to’ get sucked into other’s dramas, you’ll begin the exciting journey of actually living your own life!

A lot of parents struggle with guilt, questioning whether they are giving their children enough attention, enough stuff, enough experiences. By law, you are only required to provide food, shelter, clothing, and an education for your children. Everything else is a privilege. Of course, you want to give your child your love and time. It is recommended that each child gets 10-15 minutes a day of one on one attention. Kids can get pretty demanding and manipulative trying to get more out of you. I think it’s important to teach children healthy boundaries. Teach them the value of their own responsibility and personal space by modeling it for them, rather than perpetuating a lot of the entitled, spoiled kids we see today.

It’s a  normal human trait to desire appreciation and acceptance, yet not when it’s rooted in dysfunction. My self-worth is not rooted in taking care of others and having them validate those distorted efforts.

To serve is to love unconditionally, from a pure, giving, and humble heart, within the scope of your limitations and boundaries, putting your needs first.

Our separateness is just as sacred as our Oneness. Then there’s the whole belief that ‘everyone is a reflection of ourself’ and that ‘everything we attract mirrors our own vibration’. I struggled with that. How could the sociopaths I had attracted into my life be a reflection of me? I have recently learned that those who cross our path aren’t necessarily a mirror image of us but bring up in ourselves that which needs to be healed or revealed within. Maybe it’s an inability to be assertive, a lack of self-love, or to trust your intuition. We all have much room for improvement and many obstacles standing in our way of realizing our full potential.

So our past and present relationships with partners, friends, colleagues, family members, in their dysfunction, can help us to see what wounds we need to heal. And yes, some of those wounds are painfully dark, yet it is a gift to have them brought to light.

We also came here with karmic lessons we wanted to learn. Many believe we choose our parents before we come to this physical plane. Our parents, our first teachers, in spite of their issues, may have been our perfect teachers, reflecting for us the deep lessons we needed to learn for our growth. From this viewpoint, it’s easy to feel love, compassion, and forgiveness for even the most difficult relationships.

As we go through this week, learning to set boundaries, say no when needed, take full responsibility for your own life and happiness, and let go and accept that you can’t control or change others, paying attention to the areas where you yourself can change, remember this is all an illusion. We are all just walking each other home. We have created scenarios to help with our soul’s growth but don’t become attached to the scenarios. Evil forces and falsehood are working hard to create the illusion of separation. Pray for the grace to put your false self to rest, thank your ego for its assistance navigating this world,  and follow the lead of your Higher Self. Affirm Divine timing, intervention, synchronicity, and miracles along your path. Be filled with joy that you’ve been blessed with another day and pause to dance with each other along the way!

In gratitude,
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Summer Solstice 2015 Baptism

On June 21, 2015, I honored my daughter’s wish to be baptized and I’d like to share the ceremony with you.

(Prior to the ceremony, she received instruction on the Wiccan Rede

“an ye harm none, do as ye will”

from a beautiful, comprehensive yet simple article that I couldn’t recommend more


Our family gathered together at one of our favorite spots on the Virgin River. The ceremony went as follows:

“We are gathered here today for the baptism of Arabella Imani, whose name means ‘Beautiful Answered Prayer by Faith’.

Lighting of 3 white candles

We acknowledge our family members who have passed on and ask for their presence to join with us today (maternal great-grandmother and great-grandfather).

Opening Prayer
Dear God,
We call upon Your Divine White Light to surround us now and ask for our guardian angels and spirit guides to be with us.

Baptism symbolizes Christ’s death, descent into hell, and resurrection, and is an ancient pagan purification ritual.

We dedicate this ceremony to Mother Earth, and are so grateful for providing for us everything we need. Amen.

Declaration of Commitment
Arabella- Do you commit to the best of your ability to:

Leave your false self behind? (‘I do’)

Face your Shadow and work through whatever issues stand in the way in being your True Self? (‘I do’)

Being born again into a Spiritual Life? (‘I do’)

Do you promise to:
Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul? (‘I do’)

Love your neighbor as yourself? (‘I do’)

Wiccan Rede (repeat after me)
Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,
In perfect love, in perfect trust.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An ye harm none, do as ye will.
And ever mind the Rule of Three:
What ye send out, comes back to thee.
Follow this with mind and heart,
And merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

Family Members’ Vows
I, Arabella’s mother, vow to love and support you in your life and spiritual path, and to the best of my ability, lead by example these spiritual principles.

(Grandmother’s vow/Brother’s vow)

Baptismal Prayer
Father, In baptism we use your gift of water, which you have made a rich symbol of the grace you give us in this Holy Sacrament. At the very dawn of creation your Holy Spirit breathed on the waters, making them the wellspring of all Holiness.

From all who are baptized in water and the Holy Spirit, you have formed one people, united in your presence. You have set us free and filled our hearts with the Spirit of your Love, that we may live in your peace. You call those who have been baptized to announce the Good News of Enlightenment to people everywhere. Amen

As an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, I baptize you by the power of God and Goddess.


Anointing with holy oil
The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.


My hope for you, Arabella, is that you will always follow your heart.

Closing Prayer
We thank you, Mother and Father God, for the opportunity to gather here today on the Summer Solstice for this sacred ceremony. We ask you to help Arabella with the commitments and promises made here today, which is a lifelong journey. Guide her in knowing her purpose here on Earth. Please keep her safe and protected always. Amen.”

It was a beautiful, moving, tearful ceremony that I hope my daughter will hold in her heart throughout her lifetime. I hope you enjoyed reading through the ceremony!

If you are interested in having a baptism performed, or other ordained minister services, contact me at

Brightest Blessings!

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Tarot Card Reading for June 7-13, 2015


Ten of Arrows ♣ Instruction

Depicted is a man teaching his son how to hold and shoot a small bow and arrow. This card requires us to reflect upon our relationships with our children, and our interactions with the young people of today. Or, if you are a young person, to be open to the wisdom of the older generations.

Today’s youth are immersed in technology everyday. Smartphones and tablets, video games and Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap Chat consume their days. It may feel as if you’re losing touch with your children at times, or if the divide between generations is growing wider as today’s youth absorb and apply ever more complex technologies with bewildering speed and uncanny ease.

While technology serves a higher purpose in the advancement of society and connecting us to the Whole Wide World, we must make an effort to connect with our children and pass on traditional wisdom and skills with love and tolerance. Interacting with our children and teaching them are gifts of shared experience and patience.

Our kids need us to lead by example. The pride in achievement and responsibility present in good parenting, is anchored in the gift of instruction. All generations, and society as a whole, lose out, and will suffer, if we fail to bridge the gap and answer this calling.

Shared bonding experiences are called for right now. Kids are on summer vacation while many just celebrated graduation and are preparing for the next step in their journey. Find ways to give your time, attention, and instruction to a young person this week. Make plans for ways to disconnect from technology over the summer and make memories. The real kind. Not the Facebook status no one will remember 3 months from now. Your kids are depending on you, and looking up to you, even if it appears they are not.

How will you influence a child this week?

Love & Light

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Chakra Meditation

Most people struggle with the idea of meditation, how to do it, or how to know if they’re successful at it. I start by creating a sacred space–to clear negative energy and invite divine white light to surround me. My favorite tools are crystals, incense, candles, sage, relaxing music, tingshaws, or the Chinese gong. Or you can simply put your phone on silent, turn off the lights, and close the door to outside distractions. You can meditate in the cross-legged yoga position, sitting in a chair, lying in bed, or on a blanket at the park, under a tree, or near water. Wherever or however you feel calm and peaceful.

After I’ve focused on my breathing, relaxed my body, and quieted my mind, my meditations consist of me either praying and listening for the answers, just being open to whatever messages Spirit has for me, creative visualization, or Shadow/Inner Child healing work if painful issues are arising. This blog is focused on my Chakra balancing meditation.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for vortex, or spinning circle or wheel. There are so many tools and resources available to assist in the clearing and balancing of chakras; some simple, others, more in-depth. I invite you to explore my personal inner journey of chakra healing with me. I would like to provide a basic understanding of the Chakra system that you can use in your meditation to heal the subtle energy centers where your soul resides and which overlays your physical body. I give examples of the images and affirmations I use but I encourage you to explore whatever images, thoughts, and feelings arise for you. Your images and affirmations may be different than mine and that’s perfectly okay.


color: red

element: earth

location: base of spine, coccygeal plexus, perineum


I begin by visualizing red light spinning clockwise around my feet, up to the base of my spine. I imagine a willow tree, firmly rooted in the earth, able to move with life’s storms without being broken or blown away. It provides shade and comfort, for the root chakra relates to home and family life. The willow tree is surrounded by red rock, resembling the landscape in which I live. This is also where the ancient serpent, Kundalini, lies coiled.

I repeat the affirmation of this chakra:




As this chakra also relates to survival, finances, and trust, ask yourself how your early childhood built a healthy foundation to prepare you for success in life. Were you taught that there is abundance or lack? Were your needs always met and were you always provided for? Were you taught to be resourceful? How do your relationships, material comfort, and your ability to care for yourself reflect those early beginnings? Does fear affect your ability to manifest your full potential, or do you struggle with the right to be here and the right to have? Fear of failure, fear of being hurt, feelings of unworthiness or being undeserving…. Use this opportunity to parent your inner child. Continue to visualize red light spinning around this center. When you feel you have spent enough time on the root chakra, move on….


color: orange

element: water

location: sacral area, genitals, hips, low back


Photo Copyright: Mark Adamus

Now I visualize orange light spinning around the area of my lower back. I imagine a waterfall, surrounded by red rock which now has an orange hue from the light of the sun above.

As this chakra relates to emotions, I repeat the affirmations:










How have your life experiences affirmed your right to feel? As a child, were you allowed to express your emotions, or were you punished and made to feel guilty? What feelings do you carry toward sexuality and self-gratification? Pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, and images that arise. Continue to visualize orange light spinning around this energy center and move on when you are ready….


color: yellow

element: fire

location: solar plexus


Visualize yellow light spinning around your stomach. I imagine a bright, bold, shining sun.

I repeat the affirmations:


personal power



Notice your ability to take action. Do you have the self-esteem and self-confidence to make bold moves? Or do you procrastinate, feel tired and sluggish, or hold onto a lot of shame? Be aware of whatever arises while continuing to focus on the yellow light circling your abdomen. Move on when you are ready….


color: green

element: air

location: chest


Here, in the middle of the chakra system, we hold the energy for relationship. I visualize a brilliant emerald heart beating, surrounded by aquamarine jewels as they reflect the blue light from the above chakra.

I repeat the affirmations:











breath of life


As you visualize green light swirling around your heart, lungs, upper back, shoulders, arms, and hands, gently observe without judgment whatever may arise. Do you love and accept yourself? For that is the pre-requisite for healthy and whole relationships. Do you feel you have the right to love and be loved? Do you hold onto a lot of grief? This chakra, the chakra of love, sadly, is the chakra most people experience the most imbalance as they have built up so many walls and armor to protect themselves, and where they experience the sadness of a broken heart. Work with this chakra, imagining the green light circling. You can also add pink light to this chakra if you require extra love. Move on when it’s time….


color: blue

element: sound

location: throat

I visualize blue light spinning around my throat and back of neck. Although the seed sound, OM, is for the next chakra, it holds significance and resonates with me for the throat chakra. I imagine the OM symbol, bright blue. OM is the sound of silence, the sound of the Universe, the beautiful void of all sound. OM.

I repeat the following affirmations:

speak my truth with love


Do you realize that what you have to share with the world is valuable? That you have the right to speak and be heard? What issues may you have with communication and expressing your creativity? Gently notice these feelings without judgment and continue with the blue light….


color: indigo

element: sight

location: brow


Now move on to imagine indigo-colored light swirling around your eyes. My symbol for the third eye chakra is the Eye of Horus within a pyramid.

Repeat the affirmations:




higher self

During adolescence, as you became more independent from your parents, did you learn to trust your intuition? Were you given the freedom to use your imagination and create your own identity? Continue to see the indigo light until it’s spinning effortlessly….


color: violet or white

element: thought

location: crown of head, cerebral cortex


Photo Credit: Colleen Koziara

Balance this chakra by visualizing violet light swirling at the top of your head. Here I imagine the intertwined Kundalini serpent, one violet, one gold, along my spine, and at the top of my head, is a amethyst and diamond jeweled crown. It represents my divinity.

Repeated affirmations:









higher self


This chakra, the thousand petal lotus, can take lifetimes to fully develop. Self and spiritual knowledge is a life-long quest. Watch for pitfalls of attachment and ignorance.

When you feel your crown chakra spinning in balance, finish the meditation by grounding and bathing yourself in white and golden light. I recoil the Kundalini back down through my chakras where she rests again at the base of my spine.

Below are some YouTube links that contain powerful healing frequencies to listen to during your meditation or when you sleep at night.

Share your thoughts on this article or your tips on how you clear and balance your chakras! I’d love to hear from you!

~Brightest Blessings~

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Why I Love the Devil Card

Facing Your Shadow

We will experience a lunar eclipse this weekend as the Earth casts its shadow upon the moon. Millions of people around the world will stop and look up at the night sky to watch the cosmic dance of alignment as the Sun’s illuminating light is blocked.

Ya know how I mentioned before that there were three lessons I learned on my spiritual journey that were particularly profound? Letting go, non-attachment….and the third was the power and magic found within the Darkness and Shadows.

We all want to avoid the darkness and the spooky, unknown shadows that lurk there. We have built many defenses against these very real aspects of life. Ego, denial, distraction, detachment, addictions, just to name a few.

In my moment of hopelessness, and ultimate transformation, there was an aspect of myself that I knew was there but I didn’t want to look at. I was afraid of the monster hiding there, and out of shame, I wanted to keep it hidden. I cried out to God for help amidst my pain. Spirit told me to take a peek. I took a quick glimpse through squinted eyes.

Observe without judgment“.

Through the eyes of your soul, anything has the opportunity to become illuminated, and thus, liberated. We have the ability to shine our light in the deep recesses of our mind and see clearly that which frightens us. When we have the courage to view ourselves from this higher perspective, love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, healing, and freedom are the manifestation.

In my case, I was awakening to the fact that I had never felt accepted, and the painful issues that accompanied that. I had never heard of “Shadow” work before but it’s very similar to “Inner Child” work, where, you, as the adult, or your Higher Self, “parents” your inner child, or Self. You visit moments where you have been hurt or traumatized, listen, and speak love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, support, encouragement, forgiveness, or whatever else is needed to heal those wounds.


The Devil card signifies the “Scapegoat”, the person or thing upon which people project the inferior side of themselves in order to make themselves feel better. The Devil is the Scapegoat we blame for our troubles. The card portrays a man and a woman who appear to be in bondage to the Devil. But if you look closely, the chains are loose around their necks and could easily be removed. This suggests that bondage to the Devil is entirely voluntary and can be released through consciousness.

Both the man and the woman have tiny horns and tails, suggesting that the longer they stay with the Devil, the more they become like him. In other words, whatever we resist becomes stronger. Whatever is forbidden becomes enticing and kept secret.

The dark and doorless cave symbolizes that the Devil resides in the most inaccessible realms of the unconscious and only crisis can break through those walls.

The Devil card represents the hidden forces of negativity that constrain you and trick you into believing you are imprisoned by external forces beyond your control. However, the figures in this image have freely given any power the Devil has over them. It implies the necessity of a confrontation with the Shadow aspects of ourselves. This is the heart of the labyrinth, where we find enlightenment.

While Christians celebrate this holiday as the physical event of the Lord Jesus necessary for the forgiveness of sin and attainment of salvation, as a mystic, I see the spiritual significance that we can all be Christ-like through the death of our ego, conquering the Devil through our descent into hell, and our ascension through the Kingdom of Heaven within us.

As we enter into this Holy weekend where we observe the death and resurrection of the Christ, let us all be willing to do the spiritual work necessary for rebirth.

Brightest Bessings!


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