Dear Men


Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.
C. JoyBell C.

We women know what you’ve had to endure. Considered the “dominant” sex for thousands of years, there was a lot of expectations and pressure put on you to be strong, brave, and courageous. Life was about being a hunter, a warrior, and a provider with no room for weakness. You had to make hard sacrifices to survive or fulfill your duties. You were expected to be tough and never allowed to show emotions or fear.

But old paradigms are crumbling and the male species is evolving. Having core truths, beliefs, and perceptions shattered to pieces after thousands of years of DNA encoding is no small feat. It leaves one broken, lost, confused, and shaken, possibly even grasping for the old ways to avoid embracing the unknown that exists in change.

Us women have been riding this wave of change for awhile now, supporting each other along the journey. In many ways, it’s probably easier for us, as our natural tendency is to share our struggles with our Sisters. But rising above oppression, abuse, and violence is a painfully scary, and often times, deadly, task. Our fight for equality still continues. We’ve had to learn how to be independent and provide for ourselves, while also opening to our true feminine nature, we’ve had to learn how to be receptive.

Which brings us to now. Many of us women have learned to be authentic and vulnerable. We have opened our hearts to you and let you in. We have shared our souls with you. We really do accept you for who you are, and just want to love and nurture you.

But men, after thousands of years of being warriors and conquerors, fearlessly charging into battle with weapons drawn, the love and heart of a woman terrifies you and sends you running away like a scared puppy with his tail between his legs. Why is that?

Why can you fight against nations but not for the heart of the woman you love? It’s okay. We accept your fear. We want to see your sensitive side, your tender side, yet we understand how terrifying it is to tear down all the masks and walls and stand naked, raw, and vulnerable, with nothing but faith to guard you.

But I need to ask you to do some soul searching. We know you don’t want to hurt us but you do. Do you really want to settle for a life of mediocrity in order to feel safe? Your job and friends may be satisfying, but deep down, do you want to be alone, just so your ego is protected? Or are you willing to risk it all to have it all?

Once upon a time, couples did marry for love. They stuck it out through thick and thin. That was before too many options destracted us. We’ve become so paralyzed by choices that we make no choice at all.

Many people are aware that the Universe is bringing together Soul Mates to prepare us for Sacred Marriage, in order to unite the Divine Feminine and Masculine, and restore order and balance on Earth. This is part of our evolution and it’s part of a grand design.

Men, we know you can do it. Rather than being in love with the idea or fantasy, we challenge you to rise up and be brave, have courage, and be fearless in making love a reality in your life. Don’t let anything stop you from ending up in the arms of the woman who truly loves you. The one you can’t stop thinking about,¬† the one your heart yearns to be with, the woman who sets your soul on fire and ignites a passion deep within that you’ve never felt before. We ask you to stop fighting it and surrender.

Because how do you want to look back upon your life? With regrets and what-ifs I had only taken a chance? A life never lived because of fear? I can’t promise you it will always work out but you will heal and you will grow and you will be better for it. We women believe in the spark of divinity within you.

We are waiting. But how long until another man with the courage to love outrageously steals her away with the willingness to give her what she deserves? The gamble is yours.

I hope you look back on your life, proud you chose to go after the woman who held your heart, with a lifetime of magical moments as memories that took your breath away, and made it all worth it. The truth is, we need you and can’t do it alone.


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