Your Personalized 2016 Forecast


I recently reviewed my 2015 Forecast while I looked through my journal entries and reflected on my experiences, lessons, and growth throughout 2015. It was so amazing to see how the deep wisdom contained in my 2015 Forecast manifested throughout the year and it gave me peace knowing I’m on the right track.

I gave thanks, let go, celebrated, and now embrace new opportunities and change on a fresh slate for the new year. I have my road map and awareness of key themes in 2016.

I’d like to offer you the same ammunition. Your Personalized 2016 Forecast will show you:

•Your 2015 in Summary
•What you learned in 2015
•What you aspire to in 2016
•What will empower you
•What may challenge you
•Health & Wellbeing
•Spiritual Journey/Inner Fulfillment
•How you need to focus your energy
•Most important lesson for 2016
•Overall outcome for 2016


$75 (suggested donation)

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Now Accepting Love Offerings


I am doing something radical this year. I have long contemplated this decision since the launch of my ministry. Everyone advised me against it but since when did I listen to everybody? I listen to Spirit.

I understand that Business 101 is to set a fair and competitive price on your products and services, and never under-value yourself. You want your customers and clients to appreciate the value of what you have to offer.

Yet, I believe I have been blessed with a valuable and priceless gift, and I want to share it with others. I have never felt that money should be a hindrance in receiving spiritual support.

That’s why, through the nudging of Spirit, I am taking this step of faith to offer my services by donation. I will accept your love offering based on what you feel your reading was worth or based on what you’re able to pay. Some will pay more, some only able to pay less. I trust the process will be balanced.

I do my best to remain a clear channel for the messages of Spirit to flow through me, to intuit the meaning of those messages, and give a great deal of time and energy in doing so. I value heart-based business, ethical practices, and integrity.

If you feel a connection to me and resonate with my work, I look forward to serving you in 2016!

Love & Light,

For more information on services and suggested donation: