Inititiation Into the Mysteries: How to Manifest Miracles

Manifestation, miracles, synchronicity, Law of Attraction, quantum physics, magic, alchemy-those words have always turned me on–that is, caused my Being to vibrate excitedly, as I passionately pursued my lust for gnosis on the subject. I knew the key to life was hidden in this material. Ultimately, this article is a summary of my personal 2015 Forecast. It also amazes me, that through my research on these subjects, Tarot is a common tool for understanding the mysteries. These are complicated subjects but my goal here is to make them simpleya know, so you and I can understand them. The content presented here may only serve as a teaseryou may need to go further down the rabbit hole.

Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity, calling it the “archetype of magical effect”. I first became familiar with the term through James Redfield’s, “The Celestine Prophecy”. Synchronicities are those meaningful “coincidences” or “chance encounters” that occur in your life which guide you on your path or send you a message. Many times it will feel like grace or an answered prayer. It assures you that you are “at the right place, at the right time”. There are many examples of synchronicity in our lives: it could be a friend calls who you had just been thinking about, a book that falls off the shelf that contains information you need to know at that time, or segments of a dream that happen to occur the next day, helping you to make an important decision. Become aware of this natural principle and recognize the importance of synchronicity.

“With the awareness of coincidence, we are attuning ourselves to the mystery of the underlying principle of order in the Universe.”

 Synchronicities occur more readily when we are in a highly expectant state. The Universe responds to our consciousness and expectations by creating the chance opportunities and revelations that move us along toward our life purpose. When we uplift every person who comes into our lives by seeing the beauty in every face, and focus on attuning our higher self with theirs, we lift others into their wisest self and increase the chances of hearing synchronistic messages. When you form a question about what you need to know to take the next step in your journey, answers will come to you in the form of dreams, daydreams, intuitive feelings, visions, or other people who feel inspired to bring us a message. I highly recommend reading, “THE CELESTINE PROPHECY AN EXPERIENTIAL GUIDE” by James Redfield and Carol Andrienne. It will clarify how to increase the frequency of this mysterious synchronicity.

The Law of Attraction states, “where attention goes, energy flows”. We each adopt an archetype, which is like a psychological instinct, or informational field of influence which governs our psyche, our experience of the world around us, and how we experience ourselves. The archetype we embrace is a magnetic field that rearranges the Universe to reflect back to ourselves. When we awaken, and become lucid to the dreamlike nature of reality, the Universe has no choice but to shape-shift and reflect back by materializing sychronistically. As more and more people continue to awaken on our planet, we can collaborate, work together cooperatively, creatively cultivating the precious jewel of synchronicity. Shared synchronistic awareness magnetically attracts more synchronicity.

Synchronicities are emanations of the sacred marriage in Alchemy. The divine union of opposites of spirit and matter uniting in a timeless embrace. The symbolism shrouded in Alchemy refer to the divinization of matter and man, through a process of transformation, or transmutation: when Spirit unites with Matter, and Man with Spirit; the pathway to Enlightenment. The meaning of these symbols were kept secret to protect this esoteric knowledge from the Church who wanted it destroyed, and only revealed as an initiatory rite of passage. Alchemy is the mystical experience of Death, Rebirth, and Resurrection. It recognizes that pain is essential for the growth and transformation process on this physical plane of existence. Our difficult experiences serve to teach us our most profound lessons. For higher initiates, or adepts, tantra, sexual alchemy, sacred sex, or sex magick is the most powerful tool for Divine Union, and drawing Spirit down into matter.

“As above, so below”

“When a man undertakes to create something, he establishes a new heaven, as it were, and from it the work he desires to create flows into him.” Paracelsus

Quantum mechanics in quantum physics has shown us, through utilizing sophisticated and scientific tools, that atoms can be broken down into subatomic particles. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, from the seen to the unseen, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, when broken down to its most basic form, is nothing more than a vibrating frequency of energy. The Copenhagen Interpretation revealed that this pure energy is a wave (spiritual) containing infinite probabilities and possibilities. When attention is placed on the wave, all other probabilities (wave forms) collapse and a particle (physical) is formed. Likewise, the thoughts and perceptions of the scientists doing the observing determined what this energy was — a wave or a particle. Your thoughts, which are determined by your beliefs, and become your perceptions, are broadcast outward into the infinite field of wave energy. The waves (spiritual realm) are transformed or transmuted into particles (matter) which join together with additional energy that vibrates at harmonious frequencies to form what we “perceive” to be reality, and as a result, determines what we experience in the physical world.

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Albert Einstein

We really are co-creators with the Divine! Our awareness of this universal principle allows us to shape the experiences of our life based on how we think, believe, and feel! However, this requires us to take responsibility for our lives and assess how our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious thoughts are shaping our reality. We also must recognize that every person has free will but considering we are all created from the same source of pure light energy, we truly are all One! As more and more souls awaken to these Universal truths, we will have the power to shape the reality of the world we live in!

Our intent, fused with love, will take us to the next step in our evolutionary process. Ultimately, only the pure of heart, after achieving a trained mind and focused heart, along with the positive exercise of will, manifested by emotion and commitment, will succeed in magick, summed up in the quote,

“Do what thou wilt be the whole of the Law, under Love”

The New Age we are entering will be about synchronistic growth, higher energy states, transforming our bodies into spiritual form, and uniting this dimension with the afterlife dimension, ending the cycle of birth and death. It will truly be heaven on earth!

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Let us go forward, creating our individual and collective reality that is in alignment with our highest purpose, manifesting miracles wherever we go! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences. What other quotes speak about this topic? Share them here!

~Brightest Blessings~

Heaven On Earth Ministries

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Your Angel Card Reading for January 25-31, 2015



In this angel card, you see the angel sitting in darkness, protected by a casted circle, and yet, amidst the darkness, there’s a spark of light, from a magical creature.

Spirit shared a vision with me yesterday:

Imagine yourself surrounded by Divine White Light

Connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet

Center yourself in your heart chakra, where Love resides

Cast away all fears (God/Goddess are always there to support you)

Now imagine that Divine White Light as a powerful magnet.

With no fear, and complete surrender and trust in the Divine’s will, timing, and intervention, you attract everything you need and desire for your highest and greatest good! What kind of things is your energy field attracting? Affirm that what you need and want is ready to be manifested in your life by your magnetic energy field.

Expect a miracle this week. Sometimes a miracle seems like the only solution to a problem. Be open to allowing God to help you resolve your challenges in ways that may surprise you–what I like to call Divine Intervention, or miracles. As you notice the blessings, miracles, and magic all around you, you will experience even more!

Create magic. Be magical. Have a miraculous week!

Love & Light

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Psychic Self-Defense

Psychic self-defense is protecting your aura, or energy field, from the negative effects of outside influences. This week’s oracle card reading touched on our sensitivity to others and our need to protect ourselves from negativity. It gave a simple ritual for cleansing ourselves from negativity we have absorbed.

This is a topic I see brought up frequently–by both beginners and those who have been on the spiritual path for some time–so I thought we could go a little deeper. Psychic self-defense is the basic foundation that needs to be laid while navigating our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual worlds. It’s something that needs to be tended to on a daily basis.

Who needs psychic self-defense?

Usually this topic is explored in relation to empaths. Empaths are people who are easily attuned to other people’s energy. It is natural for them to feel the emotions of others. They can sense fear, depression, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions from the people they come in contact with. They absorb the energy around them, and often times, mistake it for their own. Negative environments or being exposed to negative energy will drain them and can make them feel ill. As well, empaths are affected by positive energy. The spiritual gift of being an Empath is useful for discerning energy and helping others, yet we need to be protected.

However, empaths aren’t the only people who need psychic self-defense. Everyone is exposed to and influenced by the different vibrations of energy in our world. Psychic self-defense may be especially important for you if you are:

  • a healer, psychotherapist, or otherwise work in the medical field
  • in the business world
  • involved in welfare work
  • on the psychic or mystic path
  • subjected to advertising or sales pressures from our consumption-oriented society
  • affected by physical or psychological illness

Psychic Vampires

When people haven’t learned to utilize their own energy or life force for their well-being, they resort to power struggles, or seeking additional energy from others. They have learned these maladaptive behaviors as ways to cope with issues that usually began in the family, during childhood. This can leave the person they have interacted with feeling drained and manipulated, if they aren’t using psychic self-defense. These exchanges of energy are almost always unconscious. James Redfield, in his book, “The Celestine Vision”, called these distorted interactions with others ‘control dramas’, and outlined the different types:


This person seeks attention through the manipulation of sympathy. They receive a boost in energy when they throw us off balance by creating a feeling of guilt or doubt on our part. Consider whether or not their situation deserves our sympathy and to what extent we are able to help them. Unfortunately, the victim mentality actually attracts the abusive situations the person is afraid of. The Universe responds by producing the exact kind of world we expect, so the victim mentality becomes self-validating.


This is the person we can’t get a straight answer from. They are distant, detached, and cryptic in their responses. This person forces us to pour our energy into trying to dig further for more information that’s normally shared in a casual manner. You need to decide if this person genuinely wants their privacy respected or if they are using this as a form of manipulation to lure you in.


In the presence of the Interrogator, you will feel like you are always being monitored. You may be made to feel inadequate, or unable to handle your own life. The Interrogator feels most people are making huge mistakes in their lives and he must correct the situation. In this insecure void of energy, the Interrogator gains energy by pointing out errors, criticizing, and forcing you to adopt their opinions. There are ways to intervene when you encounter someone making choices that may not be in their best interest without undermining their confidence.


The most aggressive of the control dramas, you can tell when you’ve entered their energy field when you not only feel drained, uncomfortable, but also unsafe, or in danger. The Intimidator may say or do things that lead you to believe they will erupt in rage or violence. They win our energy by forcing us to give them our attention because we feel threatened.


Send them energy from your higher self; divine, loving energy, rather than depleting your personal reserves. Next, lay the game they are playing on the table and make them conscious of what they are doing. Hopefully, through discussion, they will become more self-aware. Caution is to be taken when dealing with the Intimidator. Because of the obvious danger, in most cases, it’s best to remove yourself from their presence. If you’re in a long-term relationship with an Intimidator, seek professional help.

Simple Tips for Psychic Self-Defense:

  • Envision yourself surrounded by Divine white light: This bubble will protect your energy field from outside influences. You can add golden light, as well, for extra power.
  • Get Grounded: Standing barefoot on the earth or laying on the ground is a good way to connect to the Earth’s energies for support and to stay centered. This can be done as a visualization, as well.
  • Spend time in nature: Being in a natural environment will boost your energy.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle: Be sure to drink plenty of water, eat nutrient rich foods, exercise, and get enough rest to keep your energy up.
  • Salt: Epsom salt baths are perfect for cleansing and protecting your aura. You can also use kosher or sea salt around your doorways and windows, or around your bed if you experience nighttime psychic attacks. Himalayan salt lamps are great to have, as well!
  • Sage: Smudging your home, car, office, and auric field releases negative energy.
  • Find your ‘Home Center’: Through cleansing your energy centers and self-awareness through meditation, you will be able to recognize your personal frequency. Whenever you’re surrounded by negativity, you can center yourself in your home frequency, resisting the urge to be affected by the negativity around you.
  • Personal space: Don’t hesitate to set boundaries with people and make sure you take time to recharge your batteries.
  • What makes you happy?: Music, art, dancing, laughter…Increase your energy by finding what brings you joy.
  • Mirrors: Visualize yourself surrounded by mirrors facing outwards to bounce back the negativity to its source. If there’s someone in particular purposefully harming you, you can visualize them surrounded by mirrors facing inward. Whatever negative energy they send out, will be reflected back to them, and they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Don’t underestimate how powerful this visualization is!
  • Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Amber, Amethyst, Pink Kunzite, Rose Quartz, and Quartz
  • Essential oils: Angelica, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Basil, Cypress, Frankincense, Rose, Geranium, Spikenard, Lotus
  • Connect with the Divine: Prayer, positive affirmations, meditation, yoga, magick. You can call upon Archangel Michael for he is the protector of humanity.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Additional resources, experiences, or suggestions for protecting ourselves from negative energy and staying positive is welcomed!

~Blessed Be~
Heaven On Earth Ministries

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Your Free Oracle Card Reading for the Week of January 18-24, 2015



Go With the Flow

“It may be best if you would yield, at least temporarily. Withdraw, blend in or avoid directly confronting energies that oppose your best interests. Get out of your own way and let outside forces aid you in ways that you cannot even imagine. Use your psychic gift to guide you to your goal. Soon the passive nature of this time will be revealed as useful.”

This card reminds me of the quote by Bruce Lee:

“Be like water making its way through the cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapost, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

And that, my friends, is the key to riding the waves of life.

The positive affirmation for this card is:

“I adapt to conditions so I can spend my time creatively evolving ways to attain my goal at my own pace. I flow with the current in which I find myself.”

Eurzulie is the Goddess of Sensitivity

She sees your goodness and your willingness to place your own needs second to help those in need. You are an empath, intuitively being able to sense what others are feeling. You need to protect yourself from negativity. Regularly cleanse and protect yourself with Divine White Light.

A ritual to invoke Eurzulie, or to assist you with going with the flow, or cleansing harsh energies:

Fill a bath with warm water and add a cup of sea or bath salts with a few drops of essential oils. As you soak in the bath, use your finger to write your name on the surface of the water as you say twelve times:

“I am a part of the waters of life,

Where they flow, I will go,

Ending discord, hurt, and strife.”

Feel relaxed and at ease. Float like a child in the pre-birth state. Feel your insecurities being absorbed by the healing waters, let the water drain out and know that any negative energy that has recently been absorbed will be washed away, as tears release pain and wash away sadness.

Have a blessed week, friends!

Love & Light

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Finding Balance

I finally had a chance to do my 2015 Reading. The cards said my most important lesson for 2015 is Balance. Synchronicity! That was going to be the topic for this week’s blog! The ascended master pulled for this week’s oracle card reading was Lady Nada. She helps balance and harmonize the masculine and feminine energies within you. What exactly does that mean?

We know what it means to be out of balance: giving too much while not being open to receiving; too much work, too little play; analytical mind while being out of touch with your intuition/feelings; over-spending, not enough saving; not giving yourself permission to take care of yourself, socialization vs. alone time, etc. It can be easy for our lives to fall out of balance with chaotic schedules and demands for your time and energy. Our planet is extremely out of balance from the destruction and abuse of our Earth’s resources for the sake of industry and consumption.

In Chinese philosophy, the yin-yang is a symbol of balance. Yin is characterized by the feminine energies–the moon, dark, cold, being, receiver, nurturer, intuitive. Yang represents the masculine energies–the sun, light, warmth, activity, giver, protector, analytical. Yin-yang is the fusion of two cosmic forces, each containing a “seed” of each other. The belief is that two apparently opposing forces work together to make up the whole. Seeming polarities are complementary, inter-connected, and inter-dependent in the natural world. You cannot have light without the shadow.

The Shiva Lingam in Hindu culture represent the cosmic egg–full of creative potential, from the union of the masculine and feminine energies.

The Caduceus, from Greek mythology, has been adopted to symbolize health or the medical profession. In actuality, the double snakes represent duality and the unification of polar opposites. The snakes represent balance and harmony. The staff, rod, or wand acts as a conduit between the body and mind, physical and spiritual, heaven and earth, the mundane world and the ethereal. The wings are symbolic of ascension, messages from the divine, or a connection to a higher power. The Caduceus is a powerful alchemical symbol of unification of opposites, balance, and transformation. Its reflection is seen in Kundalini, the sleeping serpent of cosmic life force that awakens and ascends up the spine, awakening the chakras, and ultimately, finding union with the Divine. It also echos the double helix of DNA, the building blocks of life, where each strand holds information from the whole.

That’s what balance means: to be whole. Finding balance is the key to your Higher Self.

How can one achieve balance? Quiet reflection and appropriate action steps would be a good start. I think the chakra system is such a complete representation of the self, and I’ve been doing meditations to balance my chakras. It’s a profound tool for finding areas of your life that are out of balance or blocked, and working to restore wholeness for optimum performance and health. I will write about my experience with kundalini, and the guided chakra meditation experience once I’ve completed. It involves the opportunity for artistic expression. As well, Tarot is a helpful and beneficial tool that can provide insight into how to bring your life into greater harmony and balance.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What areas do you want to bring back into balance and how do you plan to do that? What does balance mean to you?

~Blessed Be~
Heaven On Earth Ministries

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Free Oracle Card Reading for January 11-17, 2015

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter ~Lady Nada~

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter ~Lady Nada~ From: Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

A deceased female loved one is saying, “I love you” from heaven.

This has always been one of my favorite cards. Lady Nada was my pen name for my first channeled messages blog back on MySpace. Her name signifies the beautiful sound of the void of silence, where peace is found.

This card has several meanings that spoke to my heart for my readers this week. Last week, my friend commented on THE GIFT OF GRATITUDE blog asking how we show gratitude for people’s selfless acts of love. I was reminded of the importance of keeping a balance between giving and receiving. In order to harmonize the masculine and feminine energies within yourself, you need to practice giving and receiving on a daily basis. Lady Nada can help you achieve that balance.

This card is also a message about a significant woman in your life. The first person who comes to mind is correct. Any unhealed feelings that you carry toward this person may be blocking your ability to manifest your dreams, and causing you imbalances. Call upon God, your guides, and your angels to heal any past or present female relationships. By releasing blockages, you open a pathway for healthy relationships with women. Lady Nada can help you forgive a woman who seems to have hurt you.

A new relationship with a woman may also prove to be significant.

Have a great week, and thanks for following!

Love & Light

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What is Tarot?

When I took my broom out of the closet to my best friend concerning my ability to read tarot cards, she wrote me a long letter about how I was involved with the occult, influenced by Satan, and hanging out with demons. Our friendship was lost that day. I’m hesistant about revealing my beliefs to anyone else that I care about. Afterall, witches have been the most persecuted religion out there.

I get it. I was a born-again Christian for many years. I was certain all my friends and family were going to hell and I prayed diligently for their salvation. I tried hard to make them see the error of their ways. One day, the book, “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield, jumped out at me on a book shelf. It changed my life. To summarize how that book converted me from Christianity to a more esoteric path – it provided me such a profound mystical, insightful, and transformative experience, that I was never the same again. I finally got what the Bible talked about to be free from bondage. I finally accepted God’s unconditional love when I was no longer under the oppression of guilt from my sins. This liberating experience into the Light actually caused me to walk a purer path from within, rather than always trying but failing.

I wish my friend hadn’t allowed her religion to build a wall between us. I wish she would have seen me for the person I am — devoted to the Divine, walking in Love and Light. I am well aware of the Church’s position on anything that goes outside of the Bible but I refuse to debate anyone. I honor and respect all paths.

It’s my personal opinion that the church has ulterior motives for forbidding any activity that will help a believer gain spiritual knowledge outside of their parameters. There has been fear about the masses having this knowledge and power. However, people are awakening spiritually and nothing will step this conscious revolution. There have also been converts to Christianity that testify about the evil nature of their experiences with the supernatural. It’s not a game, and that’s why throughout history, only the initiated have had access to this knowledge. If you choose to walk down a dark path, or are playing around and have no idea what you are doing, then you can be manipulated by dark forces.

What tarot cards really are, are a deck of 78 cards made up of the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana is divided up into 4 suits, just like regular playing cards. Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles all reflect aspects of your life, i.e., spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. The Major Arcana are 22 cards that represent principles, concepts, and ideals, and signify strong energy and a big event in some area of life. There are many spreads that can be used to place the cards, but each spot has a specific meaning to be interpreted by the card placed there.

The cards cannot predict the future or tell fortunes. What the cards can do is take an energetic imprint of where you have been, where you are now, and what the likely outcome is if you continue on this path. It can bring to light unseen influences, patterns of behavior, obstacles, and strengths. If you get a negative reading or do not like where you are going, you have the power to change it! Nothing is set in stone. You are the creator of your destiny.  I have found the tarot to be incredibly insightful through all its archetypes and symbolism of the entire human drama. The tarot is known for telling hard truths, so I would suggest not having a reading if you are not open to taking a hard look at your life. Yet, if you are open and willing to reflect on the messages, the tarot is a great guide.

Nobody really knows how the tarot works, though there’s lots of theories. Perhaps it’s synchronicity, a medium by which the reader can tap into universal consciousness, or influenced by supernatural beings to place the cards in meaningful positions. You can ask a specific question to yourself or the reader before your reading, or you can be open to a general reading. It’s best to keep your questions positive, personal, and neutral.

I hope this article cleared up any questions you had about tarot. Let me know if you have any other questions! I’d love your feedback!

~Brightest Blessings~
Heaven On Earth Ministries

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Tarot Card Reading for January 4-10, 2015




I cleansed and charged my crystals in the moonlight of the Full Moon in Cancer last night. The card drawn for this week is the Six of Swords. You see a man standing on a boat, with six swords in front of him and turbulent water behind him. On the horizon, is new land. The choppy waters behind him stand for a painful experience he is letting go, a difficult situation he is moving on from. On the horizon, is a fresh start, a new beginning. The person may be weary, exhausted, or depressed after the stress and conflict they are escaping from. However, the six swords represent the ability to overcome difficulties and an anxiety-provoking time with a tranquil and peaceful mind. The mental resolve to go forward brings mental relief. This is a transition time. Once you have made it to the shoreline, you can get the rest and healing that you deserve. However, the damage done from the past needs to be examined and dealt with, or it will manifest in other ways. You also need to examine how you are your own worst enemy. No matter where you go, you will probably find similar issues and situations develop over time. What role do you play in the ongoing drama of your life? You may be bringing problems from your past into your present and future.

Sometimes, it is helpful to put some space between you and your problems. This card could indicate the need to take a vacation or travel. It could also suggest that there is someone around you going through an incredibly rough time. Do not be afraid to get involved for they may have no one else to turn to. The Six of Swords asks you to trust that life will support you and bring new rewarding experiences.

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Love & Light


Yesterday, on New Year’s Day, our family celebrated our 2nd Annual Gift of Gratitude. That is, throughout the year, we wrote down things we were grateful for and collected them in a gift bag. While the kids got drunk on sparkling cider (read: sugar high), we passed the bag around, each pulling out a slip of paper, reading the things we had been thankful for in 2014 and reminiscing on each of the blessings that had come our way this past year. Anything from family activities we had done, having food to eat, to times of peace and quiet, that as a parent, are greatly appreciated. Each one of us had been thankful for the library–the gift of a wealth of books to check out for free, fun summer activities and programs, and their summer reading program, which allowed the kids to earn prizes each week to local restaurants. We were grateful for the members of our community, who helped us pack and move in August, during the week my mom was in the hospital with a blood clot and life threatening infection. Whose generosity toward our family helped give my kids a bright Christmas. There were so many things to be thankful for! Even our black cat, my familiar, Jezebel, was thankful for a warm house, food, water, snuggles, and the occasional tuna as a treat! I am grateful that I am teaching my children the gift of gratitude — the ability to pause, take notice, and give thanks for the abundant blessings in their lives. We look forward to this special New Year’s Day ritual, full of lots of laughter and memories.

I realized when the bag was empty and we were all done, that I should have included the hardships, as well. I feel like they were left out, though intentionally, at the time. But I realized that each of those trials and painful experiences were a gift. They taught me lessons, allowed me to grow, made me a stronger person. My goal for this year is to include those difficulties in our GIFT OF GRATITUDE. Then on New Year’s Day 2016, I can reflect back on how those obstacles benefited me in the end.

Struggling with fibromyalgia and PTSD, I focus on my limitations and my suffering more than I should. I forget to be grateful for my health in other ways. After my car accident that left me in a wheelchair for six months, I realized how much we take the ability to get up and walk around for granted. To be able to use your arms to carry things or shower on your own. When I get sick or have some other temporary issue going on, I’m reminded how much I take for granted the times when I’m not dealing with those problems. So, despite my chronic illnesses, I am going to focus on the health that I do have.

Some of you may have experienced incredible loss in 2014. As you continue to heal, I send you my love, and hope you’re able to recognize the shimmer of light amidst the darkness.

I encourage you to do any variation of our GIFT OF GRATITUDE. Many people do a ‘Gratitude Jar’. Keep a Gratitude journal. Acknowledge what you are thankful for. Focus on your blessings rather than lack. Adopt the attitude of gratitude. Allow the power of gratitude to magically transform your heart and your life; manifesting all that you need and more.

I’d love to hear from you! What are you grateful for?


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